About me


Thats me, Phil Townsend. Not a pretty site I know, but damn I still get attention from the ladies!

Im a journalist for a local newspaper down in Brighton and spend most of my time chasing up leads and writing articles. Summertime is where the action is however as we are nearing winter, brighton tends to tame down somewhat.

It is during this time I like to focus on my own personal interests and this blog has been setup to reflect those interests in guide format.

What else to say? theres not much, my life isnt amazing, hey I live in the UK you know! staying a live to pay the tax man. For fun I like to go out a drink, spend most of my coin on it actually and at weekends I like to watch the football and Grand Prix.

I decided from an early age, marriage was not for me. My older brother Richard helped me choose this path having been divorced himself 2 or three time (i forget), plus I like women not woman. I want to meet many many women.

I urge you to take your time and read through my guides, hopefully it will make sense and more importantly that you enjoy them

Cheers! Phil out.